Cactus & Succulents

Cactus and Succulents are a favorite houseplant among many plant parents. If you look into the broad spectrum of shapes, sizes, and colors, it isn’t hard to see why. Below is our care guide to keep your drought loving plants extra happy.


4-6 hours of bright light per day. South facing windows are the best option.


Get to know your plant. When you first get it, take note of how firm the leaves or stalks are. Go ahead, give it a gentle squeeze if you can. If they are plump and firm, your plant has plenty of water and is good to go.


As with most plants, fertilizing regularly can help get the most from your plant. During the dormant season, there is no need to fertilize.


If your lower/under leaves are shriveling and falling off, don’t worry. Like a lot of other plants, it is normal. However, if the top leaves are shriveling and falling off it may be due to overwatering, rot, pests, or disease.