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Small Biz + Big Heart

Established in 2015, Spool & Pen started off in Portland, Oregon as a one woman show with founder, Andrea. The heart of our business focused on high quality, handmade goods including weavings, hand lettered products, macrame, and home decor.

Our products were sold online via Etsy, our website, and at local markets throughout the year. After a few years the dream to have a storefront was getting harder to ignore.

Fast forward to October of 2018 when we opened our first brick & mortar in old town Beaverton, Oregon. Now the one woman show is now a family owned and operated shop alongside husband, Dann and 10 year old Hannah.

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Everyone Loves Addie

If you have been to our store, chances are you have met Addie, our super sweet, super spoiled shop dog. She is at the shop most days with us and loves to greet customers. If you don’t see her, she is likely taking a nap in the back.

Things to know about Addie:

  • Her favorite treats are Oinkies.

  • She has ZERO chill at the beach. It’s her happy place.

  • Her birthday is July 21st

  • Juno (Husky) is her best friend and favorite playmate.